How Can We Tell Which Company Will Deliver a Quality Product?

Check references, read testimonials, look at the finished product and then use your personal intuition. It is not an exact science – every person is different – just like every deck. So, we can provide references but only you know your personal style and whom you will work well with in the end. In our books, we believe in being open and honest, so life’s little surprises are minimal.

How Do You Communicate Throughout the Project?

It starts with a personal face-to-face meeting and it continues this way through out the project. We use email to let you know when we are coming, alerting you to timeline and other small details.

Will the Site Be Kept Clean?

Getting a site clean is one of our top priorities. We know we are in your living space and we are respectful of your lawn, house, garden, pets, children and neighbours. We clean up each and every day, so that you are never living in a mess.

How Do I Know I Am Getting a Good Price?

We pride ourselves on bringing our customers a good and fair price. We believe a job is so much more than price. We don’t just build decks, so build relationships and that takes time, care and attention to detail. So, our price reflect our philosophy of putting the customer first, taking the time to make sure the job is done right, and working until you are deeply satisfied.

How Long Will It Take?

Every Deck is different, it depends on whether we need to get permits and we are starting from scratch or whether we are simply replacing what exists. Generally for a replacement deck it is a couple of days to a week. And for new decks from start to finish it could be one week to one year.

How Do You Work?

It all starts with a conversation about your needs and desires. We want to build your dream deck and that means we need to sit down and talk with you one to one. Once we understand your dreams, we can ask you to pick materials, while we get busy with the task of inspecting and measuring your existing deck. Or if we are building from scratch we will walk your property and pace out the area.

What is Composite Decking?

Composite Decking is the right choice when you are looking for low maintenance. Composite decking is a mixture of hardwood fibers and up to 95% recycled plastics. Deck boards are non-porous and their formula has mold-inhibitors that prevent algae growth. Washing your deck with a light bleach solution, or deck cleaner is sufficient to remove any green staining that has built up over the winter. Red wine, grease and other household spills will not damage the finish of the deck, or stain it.

TREX Composite Decking
Dream Decks is a Trex Pro Gold installer, and is the largest installer of Trex in Western Canada. We have installed over 50 Trex decks in the Greater Vancouver area

AZEK Composite Decking
Formerly known as Timbertech, Azek’s deck boards are PVC, and they are installed in a very similar way to Trex. Colour is normally the deciding factor for clients when deciding between Trex and Azek.

RESYSTA Composite Decking.
Resysta is made from rice husks, a byproduct of food production. Resysta is more expensive that Trex and Azek, but offers a very high-end finish that looks very close to wood.

Where Do I Use Vinyl?

Our vinyl membranes are approved for use over living spaces, such as carports, basement suites, or dry storage areas below your deck. Vinyl decks are installed on a plywood base, and our Deksmart products are made in North America, extensively tested and fire-approved, and come with a 10-year guarantee and are available in a wide range of colours and textures.

What is Profile Decking?

Profile Decking is our own unique composite deck board, only available through Dream Decks. Developed in partnership with FP Innovations, a division of the University of British Columbia, Profile decking offers the benefit of a durable, long-life deck board made from natural wood, and with a unique style that sets it apart from traditional pressure treated decking.

Profile Decking is made from Pacific Silver Fir, and the top surface has a ribbed profile that is both visually striking, and actually extends the life of your deck. All wood splits over time, especially in the damp climate in BC. The ribbed profile encourages this splitting in the trough or groove of the board, which are barely visible when standing on the deck.

Profile decking is factory treated with eco-friendly oil on all four sides. This ensures the board is protected, and guarantees the longest possible lifespan.

Why Natural Cedar?

Cedar is one of the safest choices for any deck. It’s natural resistance to insects, moisture and decay makes it ideal for an all year round decking product. Maintained, Cedar can last years while retaining it’s like new look. Maintenance includes proper water drainage; keeping dirt, leaves and other debris off the surface and moving planters, benches and other decking accessories about from time to time in order to allow the wood beneath them to dry thoroughly.